The preferred way to install the most recent released version of the MyPDFSigner command line tool is through package managers:

choco install mypdfsigner
brew tap kryptokoder/mypdfsigner
brew install mypdfsigner
sudo snap install mypdfsigner

A few native packages are also provided if a package manager is not a good option for you or if you find snap confinement too restrictive.

The Linux packages provided above were compiled against stock installations of the respective distribution. Contact KryptoKoder if you need a package for different Linux distribution or a different OS and a package manager does not work for you.

Alternatively, there is also a docker image:

docker run -it kryptokoder/mypdfsigner /bin/bash

These modules are, in general, only available for Linux. The Command Line Tool should also be installed since it installs a shared library that these modules depend on. For this reason, it needs to be installed from a native package, not through snap.

The modules provided above were compiled against stock installations of Fedora, Ubuntu or FreeBSD, i.e., the versions of PHP, Ruby and Python were the default ones for those systems. Contact KryptoKoder if you need modules for different versions of your scripting language, different distros or a different OS.

Alternatively, there are also docker images:

docker run -it kryptokoder/mypdfsigner-[php|python|ruby] /bin/bash