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This is the End User License Agreement for MyPDFSigner by KryptoKoder
 * This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author
   or KryptoKoder LLC be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

 * This software makes use of (is linked against) OpenSSL (libcrypto), Zlib (libz), libPNG (libpng), Curl 
   (libcurl), Json-C (json-c), Zip (libzip), QPDF (libqpdf), exiv2 (libexiv2) and libharu (libhpdf). The 
   licenses for such products are available from the respective web sites:

MyPDFSigner does not need a license to sign PDF documents, but without one it has some limitations. Namely, the "Location" and "Reason" signing attributes cannot be filled and are left empty, and when using time stamping, signing documents with more than three pages, using batch signing (i.e., signing all the documents inside a folder), or using a visible signature, either with an image or placed in a position that it is not the default one (upper right corner of first page), the "Reason" attribute will show "Evaluating MyPDFSigner". If that is not a concern to you then you do not need a license.

MyPDFSigner can be licensed with a perpetual or a timed license. A timed license is a license with a time constraint, either one month or one year. A license, besides enabling the "Location" and "Reason" signing attributes and lifting the above time stamping, three pages, batch signing, and visible signature constraint, also unlocks the capability to fill the authoring PDF metadata (author, title, subject, keywords) that is displayed in the PDF document properties. More importantly, a license allows tagging of signed PDFs with your own application name (see the manual).

A license is valid for all future releases as long as the license is still valid.

The price of a one month time license is 17.90 USD plus VAT (if applicable). The license is valid from the moment it is bought and for one month.

Buy One Month Time License

The price of a one year time license is 179.90 USD plus VAT (if applicable). The license is valid from the moment it is bought and for one year.

Buy One Year Time License

The price of a perpetual license is 479.90 USD plus VAT (if applicable). The license is valid for all future releases.

Buy Perpetual License

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The payment charge will appear in your statement as*KryptoKoder.

After your order is processed you will receive a file named "license.key" that you should place in the "keys" directory of your installation:
-- Windows: C:\Program Files\MyPDFSigner\keys
-- Mac OS X: /usr/local/opt/mypdfsigner/keys
-- Linux: /usr/local/mypdfsigner/keys

Alternatively, you can just add an entry keyfile in the configuration file: